Owlson 3D printer enclosure – 557TV, kit (ventilated)

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557T Table version cabinet for small to medium 3D printers

  • Anodised aluminum profiles with 5 mm cast acrylic sides
  • Internal dimensions (W x D x H): 500 (20″) x 500 (20″) x 700 (28″) mm
  • External dimensions (W x D x H): 640 (25″) x 640 (25″) x 860 (34″) mm
  • Ventilator fan motor with capacity of 110 m3/h, 6W, 45 dBA, 125 mm (5″) exhaust flange.
  • Weight: 32kg (70 lbs.)
  • Choose among a range of options for LED lights, filament feeder etc.
  • Delivered as kit – assembly time around 2 hours

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This cabinet will contain your 3D printer and reduce emission of particles.  It embeds a fan blower and will draw any polluted air to the connected outside or ventilation system in the building. This improves the air quality around you and your fellows significantly. Venting holes can be capped off by attaching blind covers. This cabinet comes in a durable anodize quality aluminum frame, cast acrylic sides and adjustable feet. Besides this, this cabinet offer best in class look through into any 3D printer that you have. In addition, the base plate comes in anodize quality aluminum with max content load of 50 kg. Lock away your cabinet content through the pin lock with key. Use the two brush grommets for tight cabling. All panels connections are sealed with gaskets. This product comes fully ready to use. Filament, optional equipment and 3D printers is not part of this purchase. Browse through all the extras you can install on this cabinet including air cleaners and dehumidifiers.

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Weight 33 kg
Dimensions 66 × 66 × 88 cm