Reduce ultra fine particles, UFP and VOCs by placing your 3D printer in the Owlson cabinet

3D printing inside the cabinet will reduce office emission

– even without air filtering

3D printing is not clean. Even PLA will create emissions above the healthy levels*. Usually indoor rooms would assume nano particles up to 2.000-3.000 pt/ccm. In this test case, printing a Benchy boat in PLA for around 2 hours creates a level of app. 175.000 ultra fine particles. By placing your printer inside one of our cabinets you will reduce this to a level of 25.000 UFPs. Have a look at the similar result for micro particles ranging from 0.4 micron up to 10 micron (PM1.0-PM10.0). All of our test results was generated by 3D printing the Benchy boat #3DBenchy on a Prusa I3MK2 printer with  Owlson PLA grey filament at our lab facility.

*According to WHO guidelines human should not be exposed to the following particles

10 microgram/m3 annual mean
25 microgram/m3 24-hour mean


20 microgram/m3 annual mean
50 microgram/m3 24-hour mean

The reduction in emission will also be seen for micro particles.

Include an active air cleaner inside your cabinet and you will reduce the internal (and external) particles emission significantly.

Browse through our products and see how the air cleaners perform inside the cabinets. All our products are free of PVC.