We believe that 3D printing technologies enabling people living betters lives through improved products, individualized and locally made. We also believe that 3D printer emissions do cause a health issues to the humans they surround. Theses health issue is a concern that is limited researched and communicated. Owlson products reduces this health risk by reducing or eliminating these emissions.


We have a passion for research, innovation and health. This is why we have made our business focused around 3D printing technologies. The Owlson product design is made to originally solve own unmet need. Our European location and digital business set up enables us to reach globally, fast.


HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark, from where we design, assemble and ship the Owlson products.

We reach you in a few days with our products due to fast logistics.
We ship globally. Contact us here:

Email: info@owlson.com
Phone: + 45 30828226