Say no to toxic emissions – see our 3D Printer Enclosures with active filtration

Keep micro- and ultrafine particles away, reduces noise and print variation by containing the printing in a controlled environment.

We use anodized aluminum and transparent cast acrylic sheet materials for durable products. Customize your cabinet as table version or combined with movable floor stands for flexible roll-in on-demand 3D printing.

Don´t let 3D printers emission get into you or other users of 3D printers

Our research has proven to reduce 3D printer emissions down to healthy levels. This reduction is instantly seen by placing the 3D printer into the Owlson enclosure. If an air-cleaner is mounted inside, the emissions will drop even from the first minutes of printing and throughout the printing process. The blue curve shows the the particle level without an Owlson Enclosure and the purple shows the particle levels inside the Owlson 779T Enclosure with an Owlson air cleaner installed which mens instant reduction. Finally you will lower the noise from the fans and stepper motors from the printer by 22 %.

Not only our research prove that 3D printing is bad for the air quality and respiratory health of the users around it. Georgia Institute of Technology have shown similar results. Click here to read more.

Choose your Owlson Enclosure based on your 3D printer size

We offer a medium size (500x500x700mm) enclosure and a large size (700x700x900mm) enclosure and will soon introduce a even larger XL version. Purchase between a ventilation version or internal filtration version amongst the sizes. Save on assembly- and shipping cost by choosing the DIY kit version for your own assembly.