Reduce particles and gaseous pollutants

Fully sealed enclosures to reduce particles while printing

Is 3D printing clean. Well, not really. So if you are using your 3D printer indoor where people are present, then make your 3D printing safe by using industry grade cabinets.
Keep micro- and ultrafine particles away, reduces noise and print variation by containing the printing in a controlled environment. Finally lock away your printer and print undisturbed.

We use anodized aluminum and transparent cast acrylic sheet materials for durable products. Customize your cabinet as table version or combined with movable floor stands for flexible roll-in on-demand 3D printing.

Add your own accessories such as particle removers, dehumidifiers, LED lighting, GoPro mount, filament feeder, storage racks and much more.

Volatile organic compound composition during 3D printing 

J Gu et. al.

Want to reduce risk of particles and gases ?

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